Home Office Must Have

Globally, as companies and professionals become more mobilized and virtual, remote working is rapidly rising, concurrently to the home office choice for smart working.
This trend opens the need for high adaptable furniture solutions for a personalized setup of the home office.

Finding the right workspace
You need to define a dedicated space, a room in the house that will be the office, a well-lit and quiet environment for optimal productivity and wellbeing, to use during working hours.

Furniture requirements
Choosing comfy and functional furniture is the key to work efficiently and focused.
Items every home office must have:

  • Ergonomic task chair: using a seating that is designed for working makes a huge difference when you need to sit for 8 hours, both in the office and at home.
  • Sit-stand desk: balancing your working day between sitting and standing is a concrete way to increase productivity and your personal wellness.
  • Storage units: avoid clutter using supporting furniture, including bookcases, credenzas and cabinets.

We can support you understanding what your home office needs, maximizing your floor plan.