The Expansion of Co Working
Over recent years, more and more companies are adopting a space where their staff can collaborate and work together for better results. The co-working method is being applied to all types of work environments whether they be large or moderate corporations. The introduction of this type of working allows companies to remain agile, minimize costs, and increase productivity through constant communication. Co-working in organizations has benefits such as better networking, more productivity which results in more success, business growth, new skill learning and increased flexibility.

Results show approximately 90% of workers are stressed at work and suffer from anxiety which impacts their health and productivity. Companies are using mindfulness to relieve stressed workers and are investing in providing a healthy work-life balance for their staff to ultimately result in healthier and happier employees. Through mindfulness, companies are creating well thought – out spaces including great air quality, good drinking water, natural light, and a variety of quiet spaces. Mindfulness is an effective tool that is a calm state of mind that can be reached by focusing on the present moment and surroundings. The benefits of mindfulness have proved to enhance decision making, make stronger leaders and teams, improve engagement and endorse a positive wellbeing among staff in the workplace.

Flexible schedules don’t only provide employees with better health, job satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance, but they also benefit employers. Staff retention, reduced absenteeism and high productivity levels have encouraged employers to give up some control of employee work schedules therefore resulting in increased employee morale, engagement and commitment to the organization. The offer of work-life balance options means employees can work when they accomplish most, feel freshest and enjoy working.

Free Range Workspace
The idea of a free-range workspaces has worked well for organizations in recent years as it promotes communication through face-to-face interactions rather than emails. It fosters the sharing of ideas and interactive supervision. The open environment allows communication and participation between team members whilst including entrepreneurs and executives becoming a part of the community. The interaction and support employees receive from their bosses increases motivation. Free Range workspaces have helped where employees are able to grow and learn from the people they encounter at work and has attracted a younger group of people to the workforce.

Biophilic Design
Biophilic Design is becoming fundamental to any workspace project. Architects and Designers are using biophilic design to transition spaces to function areas such as lobbies to workspaces, using elements of residential design, and hospitality. There are now opportunities for all workspaces to incorporate it whether it be through introducing plants or green walls, increasing natural light, and using natural materials such as wood or stone.  Some of the immediate benefits of biophilic design are increased productivity, reduced stress levels and increased mood and well-being amongst staff. The inclination to affiliate our staff with nature is a trend we will see increasing in the coming years.